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Mezzanine Consulting LLC defines a winning Value Proposition as one that is differentiating, relevant, compelling and enduring.  Our proven, interactive workshop methodologies are focused on getting to the heart of the matter and exemplifying these four characteristics across all types of Value Propositions (see Value Propositions section for details around the types of Value Propositions).

In addition, recognizing that companies may have multiple Value Propositions, we can develop a Value Proposition Architecture that deliberately defines the diverse relationships among various Value Propositions.  An architecture ensures that rather than having multiple one-off Value Propositions, that there is a cohesiveness that enables synergies among them.  Think of each Value Proposition as a singer.  While each singer may be singing individually, at times there may be multiple singers singing to the same audience.  Through the development of a Value Proposition Architecture, we ensure the artists are deliberately interrelated and singing in harmony, versus creating noise by individual soloists ignoring what the others are doing.

Internal Perspective

Our innovative Value Proposition Development workshops encourage cross-functional participation and deeper break-through thinking.  We work with you to develop strong Value Propositions that work for you - whether it be for your business as it is today, or an Aspirational Value Proposition for where you want your business to go.

External Perspective

At Mezzanine Consulting LLC, we wholeheartedly believe that a Value Proposition should be grounded in a customer viewpoint.  Our entire process constantly points back to what it means for the customer.  Your Value Proposition is meant to compel your constituents to take actions that ultimately fulfill your business objectives, so it only makes sense that that we look at the Value Proposition through their eyes.

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