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Client Quotes

"I thought this training was extremely good.  Mezzanine's explanation of the different elements of a value proposition was clear and understandable.  The section on creating the value propositions was excellent."

"I just wanted to say thank you very much for the terrific class on Strategic Value Propositions. I learned a lot about the process that you follow and received some great tips that will help me to be a stronger marketer."

"Thank you so much for a great education session.  Excellent to see some valuable reference material that will help people understand that a value proposition is much more than a tag line."

"...really good "how to" tools - we will work with these well described methods on how to create value propositions in our support to business partners - I seldom participate these type of educational calls, my experience has been it has only been talk, nothing concrete - but this was very useful - thank you!"

"This was fantastic.  Wow.  I hope, now that I've seen such a good example, I can learn to do this.  You distilled down into human-speak exactly what I need to say to each audience.  Amazing!"

"Thank you for all the work you've done on this.  The deck you put together is going to help me get through this process much faster, more organized fashion - I really appreciate everything you've done"

"Not only did it help with some badly needed value proposition work but it also was really a skills and training experience for the Marketing Managers" - Feedback on value propositions workshops

"I loved the rigor of the process.  Especially getting rid of the clutter so we could focus on what really matters"

"Mezzanine Consulting's approach breaks through the barriers and releases new energies to clearly focus on core objectives and priorities for creating a powerful value proposition."  Sandy Carter

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Mezzanine Consulting LLC
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